Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rouffs 3 Fog 0

Tuesday made for a big comeback for the Griswalds.  Teresa showed great resolve and went back out with Debbie and finally saw her whales.  Pretty cool stuff.  The girls and I spent the bulk of the day at Acadia National Park walking the beach, seeing Thunder hole, and walking Jordan Pond.  We also went Kayaking in Frenchman's bay over top of Lobster traps and collecting floating oyesters in the bay.  Collected about 20 total floating around.  We finished the night in down town eating at the Dog and Pony tavern and watcing the Reds get whooped on TV.  Great Day overall. Today we pack up and move right next to the Harts for the night and head out for Boston early in the morning.   Sorry for the lack of pictures, It hasn't proved as easy as I thought, but we'll get them up soon.  TTFN.

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