Saturday, July 9, 2011

The trip home begins

We are on the train back to Maine to pick up the car and camper and begin heading home.  We had a great time in Boston.  Saw the Red Sox get a big win, had a tremendous Fenway experience, and saw everything we had on our list to see.  We are experts in riding the subway and getting to where we want to go (as long as its on the green line:) 

The historian in me loved "Old Ironsides", Bunker and Breeds Hill; Old South meeting house, site of the Boston Massacre, and the Old State House.  We also hung out at Funneail Hall and Quincy Market.  We wore ourselves out at crashed at the hotel last night. 

We were on the subway before 7 and at North Station before 8 for our 8:50 train. 
We are hoping to hit it hard on the way home and be home by Sunday evening.  Once I get home we will post more pictures.  

We have had an amazing trip and had so many experiences that we have never had before.  I woulndn't have traded it for anything!  We'll let you know when we make it home.  TTFN

Thursday, July 7, 2011

On the train

We are currently on the Amtrak to Boston.  We will be checking into the Buckminster, which is right across the street from Fenway.  We'll be at the game tonight.  New Experience on the train, a bunch of people going to the ball park in their Red Sox gear.
Good last night at camp- we went to the Atlantic Brewing Co.  for dinner- have something called "Mainely Meat".  Good chow-  All bar b q.  Had Strawberry shortcakes by the fire to finish up the trip.  Woke up at 5:30 and were on the road by 7:00. 
We parked the camper at a friend of Harts, ate lunch at Jake's seafood on the beach in Wells, Me and got on the train at 1:30.  We'll be set to be in Boston by 3:30. Ball game today, sight seeing tomorrow!  We start heading home on Saturday.  TTFN

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rouffs 3 Fog 0

Tuesday made for a big comeback for the Griswalds.  Teresa showed great resolve and went back out with Debbie and finally saw her whales.  Pretty cool stuff.  The girls and I spent the bulk of the day at Acadia National Park walking the beach, seeing Thunder hole, and walking Jordan Pond.  We also went Kayaking in Frenchman's bay over top of Lobster traps and collecting floating oyesters in the bay.  Collected about 20 total floating around.  We finished the night in down town eating at the Dog and Pony tavern and watcing the Reds get whooped on TV.  Great Day overall. Today we pack up and move right next to the Harts for the night and head out for Boston early in the morning.   Sorry for the lack of pictures, It hasn't proved as easy as I thought, but we'll get them up soon.  TTFN.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fog 3 Rouffs 0

The fog got the best of us 3 times yesterday.  It started on the whale watch.  That combined with very high seas made for an interesting trip.  We saw no whales, but did see most of the people on the trip, not including us, getting sick both into bags and everywhere else.  Once we got back it was quite commical, but during the ride it was tough to be around.  Teresa will be trying to get back today, the rest of us will not try again.   The Fog got us again at the top of Cadallac Mtn.  when we were above the fog and clouds so we could not see down to the water and the town.  The final blow was the fog blocking our view of the fireworks.  The day did end well with Emily and I falling asleep by the fire. 

This morning, the girls and I went fishing and caught 2 brown trout from a neqarby pond.  Teresa will be trying the whale watch again, and the girls and I will be kayaking Frenchman's Bay that leads to the Atlantic.  New pics coming.