Sunday, July 3, 2011

Camping begins

We settled in for camping Saturday night.  Great campground- Extremely quiet by 10:00- Because of our late start we had burgers and dogs with the Harts at their campground.  Major shout out to Sean and Debbie for being patient with rookies like us.  It's got to be frustrating.  Hey Tommy T- I did finally get buckled , but only after I tried for 5 minutes and was going to let Teresa drive, instead I drove the whole way.
Jesse- heck with the Indians now we'll see you in October.

Emily is an Acorn collecting machine, and Teresa and Debbie will be getting Whale watching tickets today for later this week. 
Dinner tonight will either be at the Atlantic Brewing company(a microbrew) or Lobster on the Grill.  I think we decided to go surf and turf for the 4th of July before we head into town for the fireworks. 


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